Pest Control For Farming And Agriculture

Pest infestations in farming and agriculture are a major concern and pose a real threat to agricultural; not only through the potential loss of revenue due to crop damage but left untreated, nuisance pests also cause significant damage to machinery, farming equipment and property. Effective pest control for farms and agricultural premises is essential and should be a high priority for farmers.

Rats and mice (vermin) are a common pest experienced by most farmers, especially during the autumn harvest season; they are responsible for causing considerable damage to crops, equipment and property, mainly as a result of their gnawing behaviour and tendency to urinate on everything.

Stored product insects such as beetles and weevils can infest grain and bulk commodities, and seasonal pests, predominantly flying insects, not only cause distress to livestock but the spread of disease has been attributed to certain species of flying insects.

Our specialist pest control contracts for farming and agricultural business are designed to ensure farmers have regular visits from a qualified and trained from a local based Pest Control Operative all year round, and are fully compliant with specific farming and agricultural industry legislation, crop assurance, supermarkets and the EHO (Environmental Health Office) health & safety policies.